Friday, November 1, 2013


Nature's Epilogue

John Burroughs  John Burroughs 
April 03, 1837 ~ March 29, 1921
Roxbury, New York
John Burroughs  was an American naturalist and essayist important in the evolution of the U.S. conservation movement. According to biographers at the American Memory project at the Library of Congress, John Burroughs was the most important practitioner after Thoreau of that especially American literary genre, the nature essay. By the turn of the century he had become a virtual cultural institution in his own right: the Grand Old Man of Nature at a time when the American romance with the idea of nature, and the American conservation movement, had come fully into their own.

"In the beginning God created . . . " Genesis 1:1, NIV
Today is Author's Day. An author broadly defined is a person who originates or gives existence to anything and whose authorship determines responsibility for what was created.

Because we are made in the image of God the Creator, we also possess the innate ability to create. God has uniquely gifted each of us according to his divine wisdom. Exercising our natural abilities is the expression of his Spirit within us. There is no gift greater than another. There is no right or wrong expression. Gifts are given to be used; not to be hidden or placed on display so as to draw attention to the recipient. They are entrusted for a specific purpose and when skillfully laced with those of others can accomplish above and beyond our grandest expectations.

Simply stated, gifts are given for our enjoyment and are to be used without reservation for God's glory and the benefit of mankind. Experience lasting joy and significance by employing your gifts to bring light and color to the pages of someone's life. We all are authors. It is never too late; we simply need to begin.

Celebrate Author's Day by celebrating you. Read a good book. Better yetwrite one.
"We write this to make our joy complete." 1 John 1:4, NIV

"Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others,
as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms."
 ―1 Peter 4:10 NIV

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