Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Chosen Vessel

“He saw two boats at the water’s edge … He got into one of the boats.”
–Luke 5:2-3, NIV

I was recently invited to join a team of writers for ZooKeepers Ministries: A non-denominational ministry founded on Titus 2 dedicated to helping women and families around the globe find peace in their hearts and harmony in their homes through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. My first 5-day devotional series began this week. Please join me each day as we examine how to become vessels God will choose to use.
The Chosen Vessel
Day 1: A Steady Boat

Day 2: A Ready Boat

 Day 3: A Weathered Boat

Day 4: A Perceptive Boat

Day 5: A Receptive Boat

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