Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bringing Life Into Focus

My Swinger Years

I am a third generation artist, and for an artist a camera is an indispensable tool. I purchased my first camera in high school―a Polaroid Swinger which was manufactured in the late ‘60s and sold for $19.95.

The Swinger developed black and white photos on the spot and featured a display window that would read “YES” when the exposure was set correctly and “NO” when it was not.
Extremely cutting edge, don’t you think?

Advancing Into The Dark Ages
My introduction to serious photography was in college. Photography 101
 was a required freshman course at the Atlanta School of Art. It was time to leave my Swinger days behind and advance into the Dark Ages. Sporting a 120mm, Yashica D box camera, I learned the process of developing film and printing 8x10 black and white glossies in a studio darkroom. 
My Years of Digital Bliss 

I am not sure how many cameras I’ve owned since then, but I know I have driven my family senseless throughout the years snapping photographs. A generation later, my family is beginning to appreciate their well documented lives, but they still moan when asked to "cheese it up" for the camera.

Nevertheless, a phrase from a recent Nicholas Sparks’ movie, Safe Haven,  continues to resonate in my spirit.

"Take plenty of pictures. You’ll only regret the ones you didn't take."

Ah! My thoughts, exactly!
Finally, justification for my guilty pleasure.

Say, Cheese!  What was your first camera or earliest "Kodak Moment" memory? I'd love to hear.


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