Monday, January 16, 2017


Prayerfully selecting a verse for the year and narrowing it down to one word has been my New Year's tradition since the year 2000. It's not only amazing to see the verse or word pop up throughout the year and the ways God speaks to me through it, it's remarkable to see the timing of its appearance. I'm always blown away.

Now it's your turn. If this isn't a tradition for you, I challenge you to make it one. It's never too late in the year to select a verse and/or word that is meaningful to you to see what God will do with it. Once you've made your selection, please share it here.

I always welcome your comments.

Happy New Year!


  1. My word this year is confidence and it comes from Psalms 71:5.

    1. Hi Stella... I'm confident :D God will bless you through the reminder of this word and verse in 2017. Thanks for stopping in and commenting.

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